Wednesday, 19 April 2017


During Christmas 2015 I wrote up a rather lengthy post about my observations of the UK comics industry and how, contrary to some people's 'alternative facts', it was very much alive and enjoying success as it continued to evolve in the modern world.  It may be a completely different beast compared to what many of us grew up with, but that could be said of our own childhood comics compared to those our parents may have read.  Just as the music industry has changed so much, just as the TV industry is changing, so too are comics.  Just as I said at the time the UK industry is leading the way and I'm very happy to see this still being reported in the wider comics press.

All the proof you need is right there in the world of new graphic novels, new digital comics, new small press titles... new, new, new...  The tired old arguments apparently still pop up, devoid of any facts and still pushing the excuse that just because it's different than the comics industry of old that must mean it's dead.  By that regard so are the music and TV industries.  Foolish, isn't it?  But they're in the minority and you can read exactly how I feel by clicking here to read that old post, which I was thrilled to see shared on large comics sites and social media at the time.  But back to the present and the reason for this post.

Now it's the turn of Broken Frontier, the superb comics news site established way back in 2002, packed to the brim with writers from across the world with a particular desire to read and enjoy independent and creator-owned titles.  Andy Oliver is one such contributor and has written a piece on the British comics industry, using appropriate terminology in the headline which should strike a chord with fans of a certain British TV show:

Expertly put and an interesting read, click on the picture above or right here to go and read Andy's article, then go and check out Oink! writer and cartoonist Lew Stringer's take on this on his Blimey! blog too.  Both pieces do a superb job of summing up the modern UK industry, how exciting it is, the vast volume available out there now and how much is constantly being crafted.

One word of warning though, you may want to hide your credit card/debit card/Apple Pay app or whatever you use to buy your comics before clicking on the links above.  This could get expensive!

Monday, 10 April 2017


Oink!s for sale after a mysterious post about the future of the blog?  No, don't be assuming the worst, I'm not selling my collection!  In fact, in order to complete my collection of all the regular issues I ended up with some doubles which I've now decided to put on eBay.


A mix of fortnightly and weeklies are up now along with the first issues of the merge with Buster and, unlike some sellers who are trying to ask for extortionate prices for each and every issue, I've started each issue at £2.00 and in the auction format, so it's up to the bidders how much they wish to pay.  I'll happily post to anywhere in the world and each listing has a link back to that edition's post here on the blog to find out more about that issue.  Also, there's detailed descriptions on the condition of each and every issue.  While the majority are in excellent condition, there's a few where there might be some reading wear from the 80s, or a crease or two, or even a form filled out inside.  If this is the case you can be assured I've mentioned it so you know exactly what you'll be getting (if only everyone did this on eBay when I'm the one buying!)

Click on the logo above or right here and you'll be taken to the complete list of items I have up for sale (depending when you do this you may need to scroll down to find the Oink!s) and as of the time of writing I've got a ton of other non-Oink! stuff to come over the next few weeks too.  The list will be constantly updating with more comics (like Big Comic Fortnightly and Funny Fortnightly), books, DVDs and much more covering everything from retro gaming to James Bond, Knight Rider, 2000AD, Apple stuff, Transformers, Ghostbusters and much, much more (even Harry Hill!).  Yes, these are all things I love but it's a case of maybe having more than one copy of something or I've upgraded to Blu Ray in the case of the DVDs... stuff like that.

Finally, as a reader of the blog you'll instantly be given 10% off the total auction price of anything you buy.  All you have to do is send me a message (or request an invoice) after the auctions you're interested in are over and quote 'OI! GIMME MY 10% OFF FOR READING THE OINK! BLOG' and I'll invoice you with the discount.

See you all soon right back here folks, with a brand new logo ("oooh...?")  and more news soon!

Saturday, 8 April 2017


No, no I mean it, it's good news!  I'm not about to shut down the blog or merge it into my personal one and make out like it's the best idea since sliced bread, like how all those classic comics would advertise their final issues.  Nope, but the blog is expanding beyond its original remit.  There'll be more details soon when it's ready to relaunch, but as a pig pal myself I'm definitely excited, especially as it means there'll be a whole wave of new content to come!

Check back soon to see what's happening...